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Boyero de Berna -World Dog Show Milan 2015

Posted on January 10, 2016 at 7:22 PM Comments comments (98)

World Dog Show Milan 2015 
Multi Ch. Southcourt Quebranto ( McCain)
champion class . excellent 2 RCACIB 
boyero de Berna  Multi Campeon Southcourt Quebranto  RCACIB  Campeonato del mundo en Milan 2015 - Juez Mach Lisbeth
Boyero de Berna Southcourt Quebranto . Milan 2015 Great results of our McCain, missing only 3 months to 7 years
Thanks to the Judge Mach Lisbeth and My congratulations to the winner

Especially thanks to Michele Gurney . F
or all your help. ;) ♥ and Andres Serra Justo ;) - 
thank you all for photographs. ♥ ;)

Bouvier Bernois-boyero de berna Southcourt Quebranto McCain  RCACIB   World Dog Show Milan 2015Boyeros de Berna Imágenes Llobu Astur Southcourt Quebranto